Financial Planning

Financial planning will help you identify and quantify your goals: retirement income, college costs, healthcare, future purchases, travel, etc. As we develop your plan together, we will learn more about what is important to you. Then we will map out the best way for you to meet your goals with the amount that you are able to save.

Going through this process will help you:

  • Get the most out of your savings and investments.
  • Decide how much to save and in what vehicles.
  • Feel confident that your hard work today will result in a comfortable retirement tomorrow.

Once your plan is complete, you will have access to it 24 hours a day through your secure online portal.  It will stay up to date with current balances in all of your linked accounts, and it will be easy to update any time that your goals or situation change.

Having a financial plan is so important that we have made it available to all of our clients at an affordable rate.  The low monthly fee goes away altogether once your accounts reach $250k.

We’ll do this together.

Here are some examples of information that might be important to someone’s financial planning:

You have accounts with many different financial institutions. You’ve never had time to put your entire financial picture together.

Your sister lives in Europe and you’ve never visited her because your first priority is saving for your child’s college education.

Your Dad changed jobs a lot when you were growing up and you never felt financially secure. Consequently, you always took the conservative route with your career, and you feel like you may have missed out on some opportunities. You want your children to pursue the careers of their dreams more freely.

You are a single person and you don’t feel like you know where to start with a financial plan for yourself.

You have a successful business that your children might want to take over one day, but you want them to get some real world experience elsewhere, after college, before they devote their life to the business.

You have always been a saver, but you worry about retiring because that means you can no longer save. You worry you may one day run out of money.

You are single, have seven siblings, and you want all of them, and their children, to split your assets should something happen to you.

You have a special needs child and you want to know that his or her future is secure.

You would be happiest if you opened a small business doing something you love. You want to know if you can retire early to do it.

Your business partner is ready to sell her share, but you want to grow the business. You are unsure of your options.

You went through a tough divorce a few years back that caused some financial setbacks. You are about to re-marry. You want to make sure that you make better financial decisions this time around.

These bits of information are the most important pieces of information we can learn about you. They tell us what is important in your life, and spell out your goals for your future.

Once these things are identified, we consider the other factors that impact your financial life, including your age, health, family circumstances, income, expenses, assets, debts, liquidity needs, goals, personal objectives, suitability, time horizon and other relevant factors. We take this information and customize a financial plan for you that will continually stay up-to-date.

You will have 24/7 access to your financial plan through our client portal. You will also be able to see performance information on the accounts we manage for you, and other accounts you have with other custodians through our account aggregation technologies.

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