Our greatest value to you as your investment manager is matching you to the right overall asset allocation. This will allow you to maximize growth and income, while minimizing risk. Once we construct an overall asset allocation strategy for you, we custom design portfolios for your accounts using intelligent, low-cost strategies focused on the long-term.

Clients who go through the financial planning process are more educated about the financial decisions they make, and consequently, have better investment outcomes.  We encourage all of our clients to complete a financial plan with us and we seek to provide it at a great value.


Riskalyze is a software tool we use with all of our clients.  In a few short questions it determines how much risk you are comfortable with in your investments.  The program uses actual, historical market data to compare your current investment portfolio to your risk profile.  As needed, we will build a portfolio consistent with your risk tolerance.  The program will evaluate how the proposed portfolio would have performed under various market cycles.   So prior to investing, you will have an idea of how your portfolio would have historically performed.

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