together uses the latest financial technology to make access to your financial information easier, faster and more secure. From the beginning of your client onboarding process all the way through to routine “checkups” on your financial plan, we strive to offer a stress-free — even fun! — experience. Here is a snapshot of how our technology benefits you:

Easy Sign-Up

Easy sign-up as a new client. We use a streamlined, paperless process that enables you to securely create new accounts, and electronically sign the paperwork. Type in a few keystrokes, and you’re done! No more rejected forms because of a mis-spelled name, or lengthy documents to fax back and forth.

One-Stop Shop

A “one-stop shop” client portal. You have a single spot to access all your information: your investment balances, your financial plan, your quarterly statements, your risk number — even access to your folder in our digital file cabinet. You can easily share sensitive documents with us, all the while knowing your important data is protected. At together, your data’s security is our priority.

User-Friendly Tools

User-friendly financial planning tools. We don’t like confusing financial documents any more than you do. We selected financial planning software that makes it easy for you to determine the best way to accomplish your life goals — whether that’s retirement, or a trip around the world. There are even ways to try out “what if” scenarios, without impacting your current plan. Go ahead — see if you can buy a sailboat, and still retire early!

Video Conferencing

Video conferencing and screen sharing. Want to have a quick face-to-face meeting with your advisor — during soccer practice? Do you need some help filling out an online form? We can handle that. We can quickly send you a link to video-chat (trust us, it’s easy — no software to download), or we can do a remote screen share, so we can see what’s happening on your computer screen. We use technology to connect with you, when you need us. And did we mention our scheduling software? Easily schedule a time to meet or talk with your advisor — at a time that’s most convenient for you. No more back-and-forth coordination emails or phone calls.

Our goal at together is to use technology wisely — to enhance our very human connection with you.

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