2020 Bear Market

You woke up today to headlines that market futures fell overnight, and we are seeing another big drop so far today. You may be wondering if things have changed since our last message to you, and if you should do something different. Overnight, markets reacted to fears that many parts
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A Volatile Week: What to Do Next

This is what we’ve planned for! Thoughts to remember in this period of market volatility. As investors, we know that we cannot achieve high long-term returns without periods of volatility, so we try to keep these market movements in perspective. Here are some of our thoughts. 2019 brought positive returns: S&P
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First-Time Homebuyer? Here’s How to Prepare Financially

Recently I was asked to send in my top tip for first-time homebuyers to be included in a blog post for Redfin.  It was fun to get it back and see what other thoughts the other CFP® professionals offered.  Apparently many of us think alike!  I don’t agree with everything
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Together Talks… About Charitable Giving Post-Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

Welcome to the first edition of Together Talk!  In this interview series we interview the people who help us understand the complex world of financial planning and investments…allowing us to help you worry less and enjoy your life more.  The people we interview are professionals in the areas of finance,
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How to (not) use the yield curve when investing in stocks

I get asked a lot by non-clients what I think the stock market is going to do.  I always tell these folks that I have no idea what it will do in the short run.  Stock prices could drop dramatically.  But in the long run, they go up. Right now
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Perspective on the recent u-turn in interest rate policy

Since the “Great Recession” ended, the U.S. economy has grown, although at a much slower pace than historically. We have seen record low levels of unemployment, low inflation and, in recent years, healthy year-over-year increases in wages. If you were to review the comments released by the Federal Reserve Open
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My parents told me they would pay for college.  This is what I will tell my kids instead.

I was a very lucky kid.  My parents worked hard and instilled a work ethic and ambition in their three children.  They achieved financial success and were grateful to be able to offer us opportunities that they did not have.  We benefited from music lessons, dance classes, enrichment opportunities and
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Let’s talk about the B-word

…the part of financial planning that everyone dreads, no matter their income. This week I received an email from a client with some answers to follow-up questions about her financial plan. At the end she wrote, “no progress on the b-word. Sorry.” It made me laugh out loud. The b-word
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