How to cut your budget while keeping your kids 

Marriage and budgets are tough enough.  Throw a few kids in the mix, and you may find yourself feeling like your money is slipping away.  Kids come with a lot of needs and wants and no ability to produce income. It is a both a joy and a challenge to
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How to cut expenses while keeping your marriage (Part III)

You are on the budgeting home stretch!  You have read Part I and Part II and completed those first steps. Before you continue reading, pat yourself on the back and give your partner a hug or a high five.  You have come together to tackle your budget. That can be
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How to cut your budget while keeping your marriage (Part II)

You and your partner have done the hardest work of making a budget: you have talked about why you want to budget and what is important to you.  You have created a list of all of your expenses and sorted them by category.  You may have downloaded one of the
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How to cut your budget while keeping your marriage (Part I)

Making and sticking to a monthly budget is hard. Choices can be very difficult to make, especially when there are two people involved whose preferences are not the same. This series of articles will lay out a process for working through those choices together, while bringing your relationship closer in
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Planning after a job loss

Even with unemployment at the lowest rate in ten years (just over 4% in the United States according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics), many people are facing layoffs and job loss. Just last week I learned of two companies that are reducing or re-aligning their work force, and long-term, productive
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What is SRI?

We often come across clients and prospects who have never heard of Socially Responsible Investing (SRI).  Additionally, if people have heard of it, they often have misconceptions about it. One problem is that it is a discipline that goes by many different names.  You may have heard of “impact investing,”
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Health Savings = Retirement Savings

If you are looking for additional tax-advantaged ways to save for retirement, consider choosing a high deductible health insurance plan and opening an HSA (Health Savings Account) if it is offered by your employer.  This unique type of account is the most tax-advantaged savings vehicle available. Consider how it compares
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Facebook and your financial plan

What will happen to your digital assets if you die? Do your social media account factor into your financial plan? I was a heavy user of Facebook from 2008-2016, then left it completely for over a year. During that time away, I really didn’t miss it. Sure, I was less
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