Many clients come to us in their 30’s and 40’s, when they have reached a point of great responsibility in their careers. Their nest eggs have reached a size where they want a little expertise to help manage it well, and they want to protect their time with their families as much as possible. While they are not thinking about retirement, they do want to make sure they are setting themselves up for financial freedom by making the best possible decisions with their money. Time is hard to come by, so working with their adviser needs to be easy, efficient, and flexible. They are also socially-minded, and would like to invest in ways that match their values.

We help clients in this stage by:

  • Bringing transparency and impartial advice to every financial need and question that arises
  • Understanding their whole financial picture and putting everything together in one place
  • Identifying and quantifying goals and the best ways to meet them (such as education funding)
  • Providing easy access to information and answers through our technological tools and direct communications with advisers who know you personally
  • Planning for tax efficiency with income and investments
  • Working in a way and on a schedule that is convenient for you, with virtual meetings after hours or while you are at your desk
  • Offering socially-responsible investment portfolios
  • Generating peace of mind that comes with a solid, measurable path to financial freedom


Clients are confident that they are saving enough, and in the right way. The insurance they have meets their needs. They know they are on-track for paying for future expenses such as college tuition and retirement income. They understand their finances, so that making career decisions is much easier. They can more fully enjoy their time with family, and can spend money when they want to without fear. They can invest their money in ways that suit their desire to make the world a better place. They are much more confident about their investments, and less worried about the headlines of the day.

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