We value honesty and transparency in every interaction, which includes conversations about our fees. Our structure is designed to be easy-to-understand and straightforward.

We also believe you should feel comfortable with the fees you pay in the context of your overall financial well-being. We offer competitive pricing with exceptional customer service.

Asset Management Fees

To manage your investments and to provide you with financial planning advice, we charge a percentage fee based on the total amount of the assets we manage for you (also called assets under management, or AUM) as detailed in the chart below.  The fee is stated as an annual percentage, billed quarterly.

 Assets Under Management  Annual Fee
$0 – $2,000,000

above $2,000,000



Long-term clients receive a 20% discount on their annual fee after they have been a client of Together Planning for 5 years.

Financial Planning Fees

We believe that a comprehensive financial plan is critical for everyone.  We invest significant time in getting to know you, your priorities, and your financial situation in detail so that we can provide you with helpful and meaningful advice. Our financial planning clients generally fall into three tiers of varying complexity, and our fees are structure to reflect that.

The initial fee covers the information gathering phase, initial meetings, and the initial financial plan. This phase typically lasts 2-3 months, but can vary depending on how readily and efficiently the necessary information is provided to us.

Ongoing annual fees cover 24-7 online access to your financial plan, more in-depth analysis of specific financial planning topics throughout the year, assistance with selection of employer benefits during open enrollment, annual reviews, and other support throughout the year.  We remain accessible to our clients all the time. If we also manage investments for you, the ongoing fees for financial planning may be waived.

Our financial planning fees are set forth in the following fee schedule:

   Financial Planning Tier    Initial Fee





$3,500 and up




Initial Planning Fee: We require a $500 deposit paid in advance of starting the initial plan and the remaining portion of the fee is due upon completion of the financial plan.

Ongoing Planning Fee: Following the completion and delivery of the financial plan, the ongoing fee is paid in arrears on either a monthly or a quarterly basis.

For example: If a Tier 1 plan costs $1,500, the client will be required to pay $500 at the time of signing the financial planning agreement and will pay the remaining $1,000 upon delivery of the completed plan. Thereafter, the client’s ongoing annual fee of $1,200 will be due and payable at a rate of $100 per month or $300 per quarter.

Click below to see a detailed description of each financial planning tier.

Tier 1

This tier is ideal for clients who do not have children (or whose kids are grown) and who do not have complex situations like owning a business or rental real estate.  This is a basic financial plan, including 4 meetings:

  1. an introductory meeting,
  2. a meeting to discuss your expectations, concerns, and goals (you will submit your fact finder and all requested documents at this meeting)
  3. a meeting to present your plan and show you how to access it online
  4. a follow-up meeting to answer questions about your plan and to establish the implementation plan

During the first two months of the engagement, we will:

  • Discuss expectations for the future to develop a plan to meet them
  • Name the concerns that keep you up at night so that we can look for solutions
Develop quantifiable goals: Identify and quantify financial resources:
  • At what age would you like to retire?
    • How many years of retirement should you plan for?
    • What will your health care costs be?
    • How much income will you need?
    • Will you change states?
    • Do you plan to purchase a new home or do renovations?
    • Do you plan to travel? How often and where?
    • What other financial goals do you have?
  • Employer-sponsored retirement plans
    • Other employee benefits
    • Investment accounts and cash emergency fund
    • Social security
    • Part time work in retirement
    • Expected inheritance
    • Other income sources 
  • Evaluate liabilities and cash flow and make a plan for paying off loans
  • Assess your risk tolerance
  • Assess your global investment picture: allocation recommendations for your employer-sponsored plans
  • Your likelihood of success: how likely is it that your resources will be enough to meet your goals? What specific steps can you take to improve your odds?
  • Identify potential weak spots: do you have a will and estate planning documents? Do you have enough insurance for major financial risks (disability, early death, loss of property, liability, extended illness)?
  • Savings plan: how much to contribute to each account and how often, a plan for reducing or eliminating debt.

Ongoing support 

  • 24-7 access to your current financial plan
  • Help with benefits selection during open enrollment
  • Access to your adviser by text, email, or phone call as questions arise
  • A formal review of your plan and meeting once a year to check your progress and recommend adjustments


Tier 2

This tier is ideal for clients who have dependent children or parents, complex employer compensation plans, or small business planning needs. It includes everything in the basic financial plan, plus a more in-depth review of education funding, insurance needs, and pro-active aging plans for clients or their parents, assistance navigating stock options, deferred compensation and other executive compensation arrangements, and choosing the best employer-sponsored retirement plan for their small business.

This plan includes everything in the Tier 1 plan plus:

Develop additional quantifiable goals: Identify and quantify additional financial resources:
  • How much money will your child need to attend the college or university of their choice? How many years will you fund?
  • What other funding sources are available for college?
  • Will you pay for weddings or other costs in adulthood for your children?
  • Are you likely to incur costs for caretaking of other family members?
  • What other financial goals do you have?
  • 529 college savings plans
  • More in-depth analysis of insurance needs.  Analysis of existing permanent life insurance policies.
  • Incentive Stock Option Plans, Deferred Compensation plans, and other executive benefits. 





  • A more in-depth review of estate planning and insurance for the major financial risks (disability, early death, loss of property, liability, extended illness?)
  • Develop a proactive aging plan and a financial caretaking plan for the clients or the clients’ parents.
Tier 3

This tier is ideal for clients who own a business or who have complex real estate or alternative investment holdings. It is also appropriate for those who plan to retire in the near future and need advice about transitioning to an income-producing portfolio and tax-efficient use of their retirement savings. It includes everything in the Tier 2 plan, plus an evaluation of business holdings, advice on succession plans and business transitions, or a retirement income strategy.

This plan includes 4-6 in-person meetings in the initial stage to gather the complete picture of your business or real estate holdings and to meet with your estate planning attorney. Followed by our ongoing support.

Fee-Only vs. Fee-Based

Together Planning is a fee-only firm. This means we do not sell products, we do not hide our fee structure, and we only receive revenue from our clients. We focus on what our clients want most – ongoing financial planning and investment management.

Here is the difference:

Fee-Only Fee-Based
  • Compensated only by the client
  • No commission for recommending products or investments
  • No insurance sales
  • No investment company funding
  • Baseline compensation is by the client
  • Earns commission for recommending products or investments
  • May sell insurance
  • May be funded by (and loyal to) a particular investment company

Registered Investment Adviser

Together Planning is a division of Mallini Complete Financial Planning, LLC, which is registered as an investment adviser with the state of Florida. The firm only transacts business in states where it is properly registered, or is excluded or exempted from registration requirements.

This is a higher standard of care than what is required of other financial advisers, who may only be required to offer products and services that are suitable for a client, whether they are in the client’s best interest or not.

Please call us to discuss any questions you may have.

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