We value honesty and transparency in every interaction, which includes conversations about our fees. Our structure is designed to be easy-to-understand and straightforward.

We also believe you should feel comfortable with the fees you pay in the context of your overall financial well-being. We offer competitive pricing with exceptional customer service.

To manage your investments and to provide you with financial planning advice, we charge a percentage fee based on the total amount of the assets we manage for you (also called assets under management, or AUM) as detailed in the chart below.  The fee is stated as an annual percentage, billed quarterly.

If the amount of assets we manage for you is less than $250,000 and you utilize our financial planning services, we charge a monthly fee of $100 in addition to our investment management fees, also billed quarterly.

Asset Management Fees

The annual asset management fee is based upon the value of your investment portfolios:

  • .90% annually for the first $500,000
  • .80% annually for amounts greater than $500,000 up to $1,500,000
  • .70% annually for amounts greater than $1,500,000 up to $2,500,000
  • .60% annually for amounts greater than $2,500,000

Fee-Only vs. Fee-Based

Together Planning is a fee-only firm. This means we do not sell products, we do not hide our fee structure, and we only receive revenue from our clients. We focus on what our clients want most – ongoing financial planning and investment management.

Here is the difference:

Fee-Only Fee-Based
  • Compensated only by the client
  • No commission for recommending products or investments
  • No insurance sales
  • No investment company funding
  • Baseline compensation is by the client
  • Earns commission for recommending products or investments
  • May sell insurance
  • May be funded by (and loyal to) a particular investment company

Registered Investment Adviser

Together Planning is a division of Mallini Complete Financial Planning, LLC, which is registered as an investment adviser with the state of Florida. The firm only transacts business in states where it is properly registered, or is excluded or exempted from registration requirements.

This is a higher standard of care than what is required of other financial advisers, who may only be required to offer products and services that are suitable for a client, whether they are in the client’s best interest or not.

Please call us to discuss any questions you may have.