Having a financial plan that works for your current lifestyle while also preparing you for a stable future, gives you peace of mind that your needs will be met now and later. That is why we work with our clients to develop an ongoing and adaptable financial plan on which to base their investment strategies and provide real-time knowledge of their probability of success. We will help you visualize your options so that you can make educated decisions about your finances throughout the many stages and events of life, expected or unexpected.

Ages 30-50
  • An introduction to goal setting. We walk you through the process of where you want to go, and develop an appreciation for how time has a dramatic effect on the growth of money and goals. We will talk through your initial expectations, concerns, and goals for the future.
  • An analysis of your life and disability insurance to determine whether or not you and your loved ones are protected in the event of a disability or premature death.
  • An analysis of your tolerance for risk when investing, and helping you allocate all of their investment accounts so that they work together to achieve your goals.
  • Assistance with budgeting to assure that sufficient savings strategies are in place and liabilities, such as student loans and mortgages, are being paid off efficiently.
  • Planning for future the college expenses of children.
  • Discussion of basic estate planning documents, wills, living wills, and health-care directives.
  • Aggregation of investment accounts, insurance, and liabilities into financial planning software.
  • Further development and refinement of goals.
  • Deeper analysis of compensation packages that are available to professionals and business owners, such as stock options, deferred compensation, and employer-sponsored retirement plans.
  • Further development of investment strategies that are diverse and sensible. Deeper knowledge of your investments as they increase in size.
Ages 50-70
  • Refinement of goals for when working will be optional.  Planning for future lifestyle choices. Financial consideration of the purchase of a vacation home or other major purchase.
  • Modification of investment strategies to be less volatile and more income-focused.
  • Final consideration of how the education expenses of children will be paid when there is more certainty of where children will go and how much it will cost. If college savings accounts are insufficient, budgeting to pay for balance through cash flow or student loans.
  • Planning for the care of elderly parents should they need help.
  • Consideration of Roth IRA conversions and tax-loss harvesting. Asset location for tax efficiency and investment growth.
  • Social security claiming strategies. Pension claiming strategies.
  • Planning for the sale of a business.
  • Estate planning for equitable distribution of estate to heirs.
  • Planning for potential long-term care needs, and decisions about future care.
Ages 70+
  • Maintenance of investment strategies to accommodate income needs.
  • Planning for unexpected needs of children and grandchildren.
  • Planning for giving to charitable organizations.

Once preliminary goals are set, our financial technology can use your investments and savings strategies, social security and pensions, insurance, and other resources to determine your probability of success. Our comprehensive financial planning process and technology helps match your needs and expectations to your resources, address your fears and concerns about the future, and help you make the best decisions you can along the way.

Here is an example of how our software can show you the probability of success of your financial plan:

Financial Planning Scenarios

The Initial Financial Plan

Seeing It All Come Together

  • We meet with you to discuss your expectations for the future (what is important to you?), your concerns (what keeps you up at night?), and your goals (what do you hope to be able to do with your money?). This is always a fun conversation, and it helps you think through some exciting possibilities. It also helps us get to know you better. This conversation will frame your plan, and your plan will address your expectations, concerns, and goals.
  • You will complete our Financial Planning Fact Finder and gather some documents and information about your investments, social security, employer retirement plans, insurance policies, and taxes.
  • We will help you link your other financial accounts to your plan online, so that your balances and holdings always stay current.
  • We will give you a report that shows where you are right now, and a letter outlining your results, assumptions, and next steps.
  • Your plan is together! You will feel empowered, having this information all in one place, and seeing a clear path to financial security.
  • You will have access to your plan online, so you can check in on your progress and even model some changes or decisions yourself. Since your accounts are linked to your financial plan, your plan stays current in real time. You can also see how changes to your goals and assumptions will affect your probability of success, using tools such as the Play Zone. These are tools that you can use on your own, whenever you want, wherever you are.

Financial Planning Modules

Taking a Deeper Look

Once your initial plan is complete, we take a closer look at the topics that are most important to you. We call these Financial Planning Modules. Examples of these modules are:

  • College funding plan
  • Insurance needs analysis
  • Social security claiming strategies
  • Global asset allocation analysis
  • Tax strategies
  • Liabilities analysis

The Annual Review

Staying on the Path to Financial Freedom

Each year we will have a formal review of your plan to see how you are progressing with achieving your goals. If something should change with respect to your goals, your income, or your family’s needs, we can make recommendations and update your plan as needed.

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