These clients generally feel that their life has gone well, and they want to maintain it. They are looking for higher quality investment management advice from people they trust. They need to be very confident that their money is safe, but they would like more income from their investment accounts. They are looking to live their life pursuing their interests and spending time with family. They need help knowing how to transition their finances as they age and their lifestyle changes.

We help clients in this stage by:

  • Financial planning to ensure the money is there to cover long-term care needs, or to maintain lifestyle no matter how long the client lives
  • Explaining their investments to them in clear terms, giving them confidence that they know what they own
  • Using our investment technology to build portfolios that increase income while minimizing risk
  • Helping to ensure that the client’s estate plan matches the client’s wishes
  • Planning for charitable giving or giving to family members
  • Working closely with their other advisers so that their entire financial plan is seamless


Clients usually receive more income from their investments than they did before working with us. They also feel more knowledgeable, and more secure that they are getting high-quality investment advice. They feel their money is safe, and their expenses will be taken care of for the rest of their life. They have a trusted adviser that will be very responsive to their needs, and who will meet with them regularly. Their estate plan is how they want it to be, and their advisers work together as a team.

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