These clients typically come to us after they have spent their life doing a great job saving and growing their assets. They now need help knowing how to transition to a time when work is optional. They have spent their life focused on achieving their goals and working hard. Knowing when and how to “take their foot off the gas” can be daunting.  They are very choosy about who they work with, and want to be confident they are getting the best advice. They need to modify their investment strategies to be more income-oriented and conservative.

We help clients in this stage by:

  • Answering all of their financial questions with balanced advice
  • Helping them know what their options are, so that they can decide what they want for the future and how to plan for the lifestyle they want
  • Income planning including assisting with social security and pension claiming strategies
  • Transitioning their investments from growth to conservative growth with income
  • Planning for the sale of a business
  • Planning for the care of elderly parents
  • Planning for future long-term care needs
  • Estate planning for equitable and tax-efficient distribution of estate to children, grandchildren, or to a charitable cause
  • Roth IRA recharacterization strategies


Clients can enjoy their remaining working years knowing what their options are. If they want to quit their job to pursue other passions, they can do it with confidence. They will know how much income they can comfortably take, and how much money they can give away if they need to. If they own a business, they will know what they need to get out of it in order to live comfortably, without fear of running out of money. All of their questions will be answered, and they will have a trusted adviser who knows them and their family, and who is there with them for the rest of their life. They can handle any future financial obstacle that comes their way.

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